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Still Changing monthly shows, first friday Receptions are on Pause till Covid Restrictions start changing Beter colors.Sigh.........

                                              On Exhibit till 1/29/21

 Joe George - Chris McGee - Brien Berberich - Chris Behrend - John Zoll 

                               Enid Edelman - James Johnson - Susan Kosek

  • Brien Berberich
    Brien Berberich
  • Brien Berberich Shirt
    Brien Berberich Shirt
  • Joan Dodrin
    Joan Dodrin
  • Susan Kosek
    Susan Kosek
  • Enid Edelman
    Enid Edelman
  • John Zoll
    John Zoll
  • Christopher Behrend
    Christopher Behrend
  • Christopher Behrend Shirt
    Christopher Behrend Shirt
  • Christopher McGee
    Christopher McGee
  • Chris McGee Shirt
    Chris McGee Shirt
  • Joe George
    Joe George
  • Joe George Shirt
    Joe George Shirt
  • Kathrine Smith Shirt
    Kathrine Smith Shirt
Brien Berberich
Brien Berberich
Call 4 Work - So "what I/we use to do" "I/we can't do no more"- for awhile anyway. For monthly shows in the Gallery Room ,I/we would come up with a theme ,have it as group show along with a First Friday Gallery Walk Receptions and have fun with it. Sigh.....I so miss doing those events ! Anyways - keep it moving right .I still have some spaces available if you would like to send me some samples & let me know the sizes. The only fee is a 30% commission on a purchase. The drop off would be.1/28 -31 12-5 Unfortunately hard to do a CDC style reception when you can only have 10 people at a time - But starting in March if anyone would like to do a solo show , we can do the CDC style reception with 10 people signing up for a 40 minute time slot .It worked out well for the past October show .So please pass along.- Were all in this together - Peace - Glenn
PURCHASING : Contact me with the title ,and I will create a  invoice through PayPal .
 Thank You